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We couldn't have been happier with Trillium. Abigale and Michael were terrific in the months/weeks/days leading up to the wedding, and they (and their team) were out of this world on the event day itself. The food was spectacular . . . guests commented that it was the best catered food they had ever had.

And the staff was wonderful . . . friendly and engaged and (appropriately) a part of the event, while not being in the way of the event. Ours was a barn wedding, and Trillium's service was as classy and professional as you'd find in the most elite venue/city, while not being stuffy or pretentious . . . the waiters and bartenders were friendly and likeable. They were quick to address "special requests" (getting water to elderly guests before the service, finding that one appetizer the bride had missed in the commotion so she could try it, etc.).

And in the end, your caterer may not be one of your lifelong friends or relatives, but their team is in the middle of everything going on during your big day, so you want to be surrounded by good people with whom you would want to (peripherally, at least) share your day, and Abigale and Michael totally fit that description, as did the staff they brought to the event.

I'm the Father of the Bride, and so I am justifiably relieved to have all of the event planning over, but I have to admit I am saddened that I don't (yet) have another excuse to see (and taste) Trillium in action!

Jessica & Shehan, July 2018

©Leah Fisher Arsenault

©Leah Fisher Arsenault

My wife and I are coming off of our wonderful wedding weekend and a huge part of it being such a success is due to Trillium. I'll start with the food but that isn't the only thing that makes them so great....

As expected, our food tasted exactly as good as it looked. The hors d'oeuvres were phenomenal: from the Arancini with Tomato Caper Relish (seriously good) to the Mini Lobster Rolls to the Corn Fritters...they had the crowd buzzing. One guest told us: "You guys pumped up the hors d'oeuvres so much and yet still, incredibly, they exceeded expectations." Our family style meal (which was the perfect logistical method for the dinner) was started off with possibly the best salad we've ever tasted (Arugula with Grilled Peaches and Ricotta Salata) before we moved on to the mains and sides, which were also fantastic. Abigale and Michael also accommodated our off-book request for late-night chipwiches which were delicious! Multiple guests told us it was the best wedding food they had ever had. 

The food alone would earn Abigale and Michael five stars, but their communication and helpfulness during the entire planning process put them over the top. They are *incredibly* organized and were so pleasant straight from that first phone call through the final minute of the wedding. They offered logistical suggestions and were flexible to our needs. When we ran into a momentary snag in the planning process that was unrelated to catering, Abigale was my first call and she was happy to offer advice. Naturally, the staff on the day of the wedding were delightful and our guests raved about how friendly everyone was.

We offer a resounding recommendation for Trillium, and would urge anyone who can to book them for their wedding or major event to do so!

Seth & Erin, July 2016          

©Kate Crabtree Photography

©Kate Crabtree Photography

©Kate Crabtree Photography

©Kate Crabtree Photography

Trillium was beyond amazing to work with in every way. Michael and Abigale are so wonderful to work with, truly kind and responsive, imaginative, thorough, and best of all they make out of this world you will totally dream about it forever kinds of food. It is elegant and beautiful without ever being overdone or stuffy, it is delicious and approachable while still being creative and unique. It was the highlight of our wedding. Everybody warned us that we wouldn't eat at our own wedding, but we insisted that wouldn't be the case because we were so excited for our food! But Michael also assured we ate! He was always present with our passed apps and cocktails while we were taking photos and missing the cocktail hour. During dinner our glasses were never empty and he was consistently checking to make sure our needs and that of every one of our guests were expertly attended to. When 3 extra kids we didn't know were coming showed up, a table and 3 children's meals appeared seconds after I mentioned it to Michael. I simply can't think of anything they didn't excel at. Service, taste, presentation, communication. All flawless. So much of a wedding is about the sharing of food and drink with your loved ones over laughter and stories and Trillium made that experience the star of the wedding. They were worth every penny, and then some!

Meghan & Zack, June 2018                                                                                                        



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